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Email Archival-Overview

Net4’s Email Archiving is a strong and proven cloud enabled email archiving solution. The service enables you to archive, search and retrieve all emails sent and received from your company’s email ids without your users being aware. It also provides quick access to your past communication in a secured manner The emails get logged into a central archival system in their original format which, in order to meet compliance regulations, cannot be altered.

Secure Archiving for Compliance
Easy Search & Restore
Unlimited Storage
Eliminate PST Files
What is Archival?

Email is one of your company’s most vital assets – and with global email traffic estimated to rise to 507 billion messages per day by 2013*, managing email solutions will become more challenging. E-mail archiving is an organized approach to securing and saving an email so that it can be viewed quickly at a later date. With the help of this solution you can easily save emails in order to comply with various regulatory requirements. Further, your company requires the ability to easily place legal holds on emails and conduct efficient eDiscovery, if faced with a lawsuit.

IT departments without an email archiving solution in place may find themselves spending a uneven amount of time as well as money managing a growing volume of email and responding to labor intensive search and retrieval requests from corporate compliance, legal, the office of the CIO, and company employees.

Why Do I Need Archival?

Net4's Cloud Archive can help meet the email management requirements of your various stakeholders:

  1. Email Storage Management: The solution basically simplifies mailbox management. The IT department of your organization will be able to provide archives that can easily be searched through web browser. it is highly scalable service and allows IT to add new users at will. The size of local mail stores can be dramatically reduced improving performance of mail servers and making backup easier.
  2. Cost Containment: The solution is very cost-effective and easy to set up and implement. The total cost of ownership is typically lower than a usual on-premise solution, which needs considerable up-front purchase and deployment investments as well as ongoing costs associated with administration, storage, backup, capacity management, and high availability. Costs are also predictable allowing for successful budgeting.
  3. Compliance: The solution allows establishing email retention policies and also provides optional supervision and review capabilities, and makes it easy to implement legal holds. Service options are available for customers in highly regulated industries.
  4. Legal Discovery: Highly developed legal discovery features let internal and external legal teams, IT and HR to work with each other and efficiently analyze and classify large volumes of email associated with litigation.
  5. Knowledge management: The majority of most computer users’ information is somehow bound up in email. As a result, an email archiving system that preserves the information stored in emails will permit the organization to more effectively retain "corporate memory."
Archival vs Backup
A nightly or other regular backup preserves a snapshot of the content available on an email server at any given time. Backups are important and clearly represent a best practice for any organization, but their purpose is to preserve email content in the event that a server fails and data needs to be restored. Backups are intended primarily as a short-term solution for the tactical purpose of restoring emails to a server.
An archive, on the other hand, captures all email, not just what was housed on the server at a given point in time. Archives are much more strategic in nature and are intended to preserve information for a variety of purposes as discussed below. Archives do not preserve just a snapshot of the data available on a server, but instead preserve a continual stream of email content.

Prices & Packages

Net4 Email Archival gives you the power to securely manage email from any web browser or the device of your choice—no licenses to keep track of or software to download.

Year Retention with Unlimited space
Starts at
Email Ids
R 0.00 /yr
Year Retention with Unlimited space
Starts at
Email Ids
R 0.00 /yr
Year Retention with Unlimited space
Starts at
Email Ids
R 0.00 /yr
  • E-discovery entire company / department
  • Search inside attachment word, powerpoint etc
  • Email Export via mbox/pst
  • Access archive via web
  • Role based access User/Search Admin/Auditor

Email Archival-Features & Benefits

  • Regulatory compliance and Legal Discovery.
  • Encrypt your archived data to prevent unwanted access.
  • Cloud enabled storage solution which expands as per your mail archival needs.
  • Compatible with all leading mail server software such as qmail, exim, postfix, Microsoft exchange.
  • Quick, powerful search system to retrieve archived mails.
  • Archive and search both email text and attachments.
  • No capex or upfront investments for any additional hardware or software.
  • Auditors, legal teams, human resources, and executives can.
  • User level Access to Archived data.
  • Search options with different criteria Message preview and recovery.
  • Download, forward and export as eml, pst and mbox format.
  • Dynamic Message filters to display the messages in archive based on categories.
  • Save search criteria as project and project delegation Message Tagging Archive Purge & Legal hold Reporting and System Audit.
  • Forward Archive to Self.
  • Access to archive from web console.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, Exim support.
Features Mail Archiva Google Postini Net4 Archive
Define email archiving rules
Archive compression & encryption
Email Forward (to self)
Message Tagging
Search entire company , department, user emails
Easy search for beginners
Expert search using query language
Save and restore search queries
Search inside Word, Power Point, Excel, PDF
RTF, ZIP, tar, gz and Open Office attachments
Attachment download
Bulk export, view and restore
Web Console Web Console Web Console Web Console
Access to archive from web console
Fine grained access control
Web services API
Search through detailed audit logs
Usage and audit reporting
Access archive from Outlook
(Outlook plug-in)
Export to .EML/PST
Anti – spam and anti – virus filters, content policies
Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, iMail, Zimbra ,Exim ,postfix
Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010
Search History Log
System Action Log
E-Mail Archiver - Screenshots
  • Create New User Create New User
  • Create New User Create New User
  • Manage Users Manage Users
  • End User Login Screen End User Login Screen
  • End User Login Screen End User Login Screen
  • Internal Auditor Login Internal Auditor Login
  • Search User Login Search User Login
  • Search Administrator Login Search Administrator Login
  • Domain Administrator Login Domain Administrator Login

What is Email Archiving Solution?

Email Archiving is the process of capturing, preserving, and making easily searchable all email traffic to and from a given individual, organization, or service. If your organization uses email for communications, you must install the email archival solution. Email archive is a cost effective, service which enables you to archive, search and retrieve emails sent and received from a company’s email id without your users being aware. The emails get logged into a central archival system, which can be accessed later.

Why Choose Net4’s Email Archival Solutions?

Net4’s mail archive solution is highly scalable as it comes along with the option of expanding as per desired emails archive needs. The company email servers are hosted in ISO 27001 certified Data Centres in India. Net4 backs its mail archiving solutions with Industry-leading customer support, which is available 24/7 via phone or helpdesk.