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What Types of SSL Certificate should Small Business Website Buy?

This is now a known fact, if you own an online shopping website, howsoever humble it might be, you have to get it secured through SSL certificate otherwise your customers would just go away without buying from your site. No one wants to share his credit card info on a site which is not safe. So, you must get SSL certificate for the sake of your ecommerce site but what SSL certificate to buy! If yours is a start-up business or even an established small business, you won’t be able to invest much on a digital certificate. However, there are many types of SSL certificate that provide different levels of security and you can choose one from among them for your online shop. Before getting some tips on selecting the most suitable type of SSL certificate for your site, you must first know the basic types of SSL certificate and difference among them.

Types of SSL Certificates and the Difference

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates- The Certification Authority (CA) thoroughly checks the right of the user for a specific domain name as well as audits the organization to ensure that it follows the EV guidelines ratified by CA/Browser forum. It enables the green bar at the address bar that leaves the customers assured about the site’s security without any doubt.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates- The CA conducts a basic vetting of the organization along with the right to use a specific domain. The information about the organization is also available to the customers of the site when they check the certification details. However, it is not that a thorough check which is conducted for EV certificate.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates- The CA only checks the right of the applicant to use the specific domain and there is no vetting of organization.

Here are some pointers for you to decide what types of SSL certificate would suffice for your website

What Type of SSL Certificate is Suitable for Your Ecommerce Site?

EV SSL is, no doubt, the most secured one but it is a very expensive certificate. If you are a small time business owner, you might not have the scope to shell out such an enormous amount. EV is suitable to the needs of medium to large enterprises but if you can afford this or want to invest for long term profit by building your credibility as the most trusted business, there is no better choice than an EV SSL certificate!

Now, if you have just started your online business and do not have much of the capital to invest in just an SSL certificate but also want to make your customers assured about the safety of their sensitive information like credit card, PayPal or bank account details, you may buy Organization Validation (OV) Certificate. If your site needs to access all these financial details then you must get at least OV certificate because the Domain Validation (DV) Certificate is a very low value certificate.

While issuing Domain Validation Certificate, the CA doesn’t check the identity of the company; it just checks the right of the applicant to use the specific domain. At the most, the DV certificate can protect the login and password details of your customers by protecting your site against malware. If yours is an ecommerce site and procures the details of credit card and other sensitive information of the customers, it is advisable to buy SSL Certificate which at least provides organization validation.

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