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How to secure your e-commerce website with an SSL certificate

The growth of internet has spawned a number of ecommerce websites in the last few years. The trend is towards consumers switching over from traditional channels to internet for shopping. Online shopping is not only convenient but also saves a lot of cost as online retailers woo the customers with attractive discounts and deals.

The new trend has also resulted in the increased risk of security threats like virus attacks, phishing attacks, or malware affecting or stealing the sensitive customers’ data. Due to this risk, there are a majority of customers who still refrain from purchasing or transacting online, fearing that their sensitive data will be abused or compromised.

What is an SSL?

An SSL certificate, an acronym for secured socket layer, is the standard technique that is used to protect web communications. SSL certificates protect your sensitive information as it travels across the web preventing any potential security attacks or threats on the way. SSL certificates are mostly compatible with all the widely deployed web servers, including most popular ones like Apache and IIS.  Basically SSL is a technology that encrypts and decrypts messages sent between the browser and server. By encrypting the message as it is sent from the browser, it is rendered unreadable by the malicious virus or malware. When the message is received by the server, SSL decrypts it, and verifies that it came from the correct sender. The strength of the certificate is dependent on the length of ‘key’ provided by the encryption. So there are mainly two kinds of encryption level you might find; 128 bit or 256 bit. Higher is the encryption level, stronger will be the SSL certificate. Although 128 Bit encryption might provide you a decent level of security for your website, in case your website entails heavy transactions on a daily basis that needs more security, you might want to use an SSL that provide more encryption as well as security. Learn more: What is SSL?

Why you need an SSL for your E-Commerce website?

To run a successful e-commerce business, one needs to ensure that the site is well protected and secured form the various forms of threats. If your customer feels that their personal data like credit card number or bank details might be compromised online, they wouldn’t buy services on your e-commerce portal even after visiting it. This signifies the importance of SSL certificates for ensuring the security of an e-commerce website; and gaining the trust of your customers allowing them to transact safely on your website. There are few authorized companies that offer reliable SSL certificates to users like VeriSign, Thawte, and Geotrust. Net4, in partnership with these companies offer almost all the world-class SSL certificates to users who are looking to protect their e-commerce websites for better security.

How SSL certificate tells if your website is secure for credit card and online payments?

Your customers can easily identify if your website is secured by an SSL certificate or not.  First of all, a secured website address will start with https:// instead of http://. They can also see a lock icon in the address bar. Clicking on the lock icon will allow them to know more about your website and its SSL certificate details. It displays your company address or the website address that the certificate was issued to. If your website has an extended validation certificate on it, the address bar will turn green and the clicking on the lock icon in the address bar will show your name and the address (the website owner). Non-EV certificates will only display the website address or the domain of the site.  So your customers can rest assured that they are on a safe environment to perform online transactions on your website safely.

In the wake of the growing threats to online security, SSL certificate have become an absolute necessity for your e-commerce business. If you have an e-commerce website, but haven’t secured it with an SSL certificate yet, you must do it at the earliest.

Net4, in partnership with global leaders for SSL: VeriSign, Geotrust, and Thawte, offer a wide range of SSL certificate to secure your e-commerce at prices well within your budgets. Know more about various SSL Packages & offerings.