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Cloud Server and why you need it for your business

Cloud computing is the buzzword in the IT world these days. As businesses are looking for ways to trim their IT expenditure, cloud computing is quickly coming up as one of the most efficient ways of managing information systems. Businesses of all sizes are pinning their hopes on this new-age phenomenon to help them drive growth.

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Servers plug in the gap between a fully dedicated server and a shared server. Basically, Cloud Server works on the revolutionary technology called ‘virtualization’ which allows you to install multiple operating systems on a single set of hardware within the same virtual environment. It also allows you to move an operating system from one physical machine to another as long they share the same virtual environment. Unlike a dedicated server, you don’t need to buy or rent the physical server.

Why you need a Cloud Server?

  • Performance: As your website runs on a dedicated environment (virtually) without sharing resources with other websites, you will see a great improvement in its performance. In fact the performance is almost as good as on a dedicated server, if not better.
  • More Control: Cloud servers give you far more control over your server than a shared server. A shared server has a number of restrictions. For example, you can’t install your custom applications, or scale up resources. But with cloud servers you can easily increase or decrease your server resources. It also enables you to install customized applications to run your website.
  • Security: Unlike the shared server, other websites will have no effect on the performance of your website, as you will always get dedicated resources. For further security of your server, you may install customized security solutions like firewall protection or anti-virus.
  • Cost Savings: Probably the biggest benefit of a cloud server is the huge savings that the businesses make on their IT expenditure. Cloud server gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server at the cost of a shared server. Cloud servers can also be bought on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means you only be charged as per your usage, unlike shared or dedicated servers, where you need to pay a fixed sum for a period.
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