Register .ASIA @ Flat 83% Off
Why register .ASIA?
  • Helps in targeting Internet users in different Asian countries.
  • Provides businesses with an Asian online identity.
  • Protects your brand from various competitors.

.COM +.IN + .ASIA 1st Year
INR 1127
Duration is 3 months from 1st September to 30th November.

About .ASIA Domain Names

.ASIA is a sponsored top-level domain sponsored by the DotAsiaOrganization, while its back-end registry is being managed by Afilias. By registering .ASIA Domains you get a regional recognition, which further boosts your exposure to the growing number of Internet users in the Asian region. .ASIA Domain Names can be effectively used by individuals as well as businesses operating in different Asian countries. Asia is a region that is seeing an incredible economic, cultural and technical growth, hence registering .ASIA domains is a natural fit for all those people who have economical or cultural relations with Asia. In order to register an .ASIA Domain the registrant needs to have a valid contact address and a phone number within Asia/Australia/Pacific region.

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