.tickets is a new breed of top level domain (TLD) designed specifically for the world of ticketing. It has been designed to simplify consumer choice, whilst serving the ticketing industry and associated trade sectors within commerce, entertainment, sport, travel and destinations of choice.

.tickets operates a unique and industry-leading Rights Protection Mechanism, publishing the names of those who apply for domains without first submitting valid evidence of rights. This allows both rights holders and the IP community to challenge any attempted breach of their intellectual property.

.We already have the advantage of being simple and intuitive. And now, through a consistent and dedicated advertising campaign, .tickets is well on its way to global brand recognition.

Just as a professional who is not a member of LinkedIn is not considered a professional or a restaurant not listed on Zomato is not considered a restaurant, similarly – someone who is into ticketing but without a .tickets domain name won’t be taken seriously by customers. Soon, .tickets domain will be the next ‘Google’ of the ticketing business - so be in the league, get on .tickets!

'SIMPLE'   – the most intuitive option for anyone looking to buy tickets –

'SIMPLE'   for customers to remember and refer you to their friends

'AUTHENTIC'   - Due to our thorough vetting process, the buyer is assured that everything with the domain name .tickets is authentic

'DIRECT'   – The simplest and most straightforward way to buy any kind of ticket

'SAFE -'   - .tickets is the safe and obvious option for anyone selling tickets

'SIMPLE'   Ticketing process is simplified and therefore, more efficient

'SELL MORE'   - simple for customers to find you, Increased efficiency for increased revenues

Whether you are selling or buying tickets .tickets is the platform for you!

Every team in the MLB, NFL and NBA (in USA) own their own .tickets domain

The Shubert Organisation has bought a .tickets domain for each of it’s Broadway theatres in New York

U2 were the first artist to buy the .tickets domain

Transport for London bought the 300th .tickets domain

Emirates, Formula1, Wimbledon are already on board

.tickets facilitates business growth and new ideas within industry

We have thousands of premium generic names held on reserve. These range from category killer names like “” to numeric names like “” to geographic names like “”.

.tickets is great news for companies that didn’t have the chance to get the premium .COM they wanted due to unavailability.

SEO cost for a specific domain like .tickets can be a lot less, as compared to advertising on the equivalent .com address.

A 10% to 20% saving/advantage on your SEO budget can have a significant $ value

For example, if you were looking for Agra tickets, that’s what you would type into a search engine. Now there is an exact match domain name at the top level instead of just adding .COM to it.,” Each keyword is technically "separated" and doesn't run together

Every team in the MLB, NFL and NBA (in USA) own their own .tickets domain, to offer an approved way to buy and sell tickets between fans. Buyers are assured that their tickets are legitimate.

For example cinema chains typically have a large number of locations. They can register a domain for each city or cinema name, rather than simply using city subdomains

This has the benefit of - localisation, SEO, customer journey, memorable destinations

.ticket is a special domain backed by advertising and offering a peace of mind to the consumers. Even though we charge a premium, our customers will have benefits that far outweigh that price.

If you are an entrepreneur/ start-up looking to establish yourself in the market, .tickets is open to hearing out your ideas.

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