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Why Use HTML Templates to Make Website

An HTML website template is a prebuilt website where you can fill in the blanks and create website within a few hours. These days you can find many free HTML templates for websites. You don’t have to pay for these HTML templates but only for domain name and web hosting that are essential to make your website available on Internet. In fact, many professional web developers too prefer to choose HTML templates instead of making their own websites from scratch. Why not then use HTML website templates and make your own website with the help of online website builder? There are many advantages of using HTML templates for websites. Let’s know about them.

Benefits of HTML Website Templates

When you use an online website builder to make your HTML website, you get benefitted in many ways.

HTML Template Websites are faster to create

When you use prebuilt HTML templates for your website, you just need to fill in the blanks. You don’t have to do any coding. You also do not need to check other technical stuff. Just complete it with your content and its ready to be hosted.

HTML Templates have professional look required for a website

Anyone who doesn’t even know how to design a website can get a professionally designed website with these templates. These templates are made by expert web developers with proper thoughts regarding the potential purposes that a person might have for a website. Most of the web hosts provide free online website builder tools with various added features like map, video, flash, ecommerce features, anti-spam features and even email IDs. Thus, you may get any type of HTML templates like those needed for business website or even e-commerce sites that need to have cart feature for online shopping.

HTML Template websites are cheaper than hiring a website designer

When you get professional help, you need to spend a lot of money apart from registering domain and getting web hosting. When you use online builder tools, you don’t have to pay for website designing. You have to just use the easy drag-and-drop feature to make your own website.

Difference between HTML and Flash Websites

The online website builder tools have flash templates along with HTML templates for website building. Let’s know the difference between the two.

HTML Templates for Website ensure it remains Viewable

Flash websites have become very popular in recent times due to their advanced features like animation, user interactivity and dynamic content generation. However, one big advantage of HTML templates is that all the web browsers can interpret HTML code which ensures that an HTML website is always visible to whosoever visits your site. Flash websites require browser plug-in, Flash Player and if it is not installed in the user’s browser, your site will not get visible. It doesn’t mean that Flash websites are a complete no-no. If your website is primarily based upon videos and images, you need to have flash websites. It all depends upon the purpose served by the website which decides whether to use HTML website template or Flash website.

HTML Web Templates are SEO friendly

The importance of search engines cannot be ignored when it is about generating traffic through them. As most of the search engines can interpret HTML code, it becomes easier for such a website to get indexed. If, however, you are making a website which will not depend much on search engine optimization, you can very well go with Flash websites. Those websites that will use organic traffic through search engines to fulfill their purpose should opt for HTML templates for their websites. Flash content can be included into HTML websites too. This is one more reason why you should use HTML website templates!

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