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What is Free Wallet and How to Use it?

It is our constant effort to add new offers as well as schemes to our offering, so that our resellers can generate more revenue from their respective reseller businesses. Keeping this objective in mind, we introduced a scheme called Free Wallet some time back to give an added incentive to our resellers. Since its launch, the Free Wallet scheme has been an instant hit among our resellers, making it one of the best value propositions for them.

According to the Free Wallet Scheme, when you register a domain or transfer a domain to Net4, you get exactly the same amount (equal to the cost of the domain) added to your free wallet balance.

For example, if you register a .COM domain for Rs. 461, the same amount gets added to the Free Wallet balance as soon as you place the order. Similarly, once you complete the process of placing the order for a domain transfer to Net4, the free wallet balance gets updated instantly. Hence, the key here is to register or transfer maximum number of domains to Net4 to accumulate enough balance in your Free Wallet. This balance can later be used to purchase other services like Web hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud Server or Split packs.

After having understood what Free Wallet is and how you can increase your balance in it, let us now discuss what all can be purchased from your Free Wallet balance. Free wallet can be used to purchase any web hosting pack (standard packs), email pack (Economail, Promail or Bizmail), cloud server, or Split pack. So if you plan to add web hosting or email to any of your domain registered with Net4, you may use your balance in the Free Wallet account to purchase it, without having to pay anything in cash. If you have accumulated a good amount of balance in your Free Wallet account, you can also buy services like Cloud hosting at no cost. Hence, Free Wallet is an excellent way to make some good profits on your sales and generate more revenues from your reseller business. So, if you have got Free Wallet balance in your account, we strongly recommend utilizing it to your maximum benefit.

In case you have got any questions related to free wallet, Please feel free to call up your account manager. You may also directly reach us on our phone number: +91-120-4989000 or write to us at

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