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Build your Business Website with Net4 EASYsite Builder Tool

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your business to next level? Are you looking for an online presence so that you can get maximum reach and visibility?

If yes, then you need to have a personal website. It is considered very easy to establish trust with your clients face-to-face, but in the anonymous world of the Internet, trust doesn’t come easy. By building a website you can create an online identity and trust among your customers.

Your website builds trust and credibility and helps you broaden your reach to your potential customer. It helps you grow beyond a local reach and gives you an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and increase your customer base. It is also a cost-effective and versatile approach than traditional marketing.

Moreover as more and more people have started to search for information around the services they want on internet, thus having a website plays a pivotal role in providing this info. Website helps you to showcase your product and information to these users.

Net4’s EASYsite builder tool helps you build your business website with intuitive navigation, professional templates and drag-n-drop functionality. It has over 10,000 professional templates, built in photo gallery to showcase your products/portfolio; free hosting and email, social network integration which could help you reach in social spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you wish to sell then it also has ecommerce features. Moreover you can advertise and promote your website on search engines with free Rs 2500 worth of Google Adwords credit. With this credit you can reach out to maximum customers and let them know about your business. You can reach your potential customers exactly when they are searching for products or services related to what you offer.

Its convenience and cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option to anyone looking to launch his website just in a few minutes. With the help of EASYsite you can launch your own website in just 4 easy steps, these are:

  • Step 1: Search & Select a Domain Name
  • Step 2: Buy the EASYsite Package
  • Step 3: Build your site using EASYsite Editor
  • Step 4: Publish your website