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Steps Involved in Building a Website?

We all know how important having a website today is. By having a good online presence businesses can promote and market their products and services to a large section of people. In fact a website is known to be as the most important tool for carrying out promotional activities. A website also helps an entrepreneur in getting new customers, as there is large chunk of population who has access to Internet. If you have also decided on getting a website for your business, here is a detailed description on how to build a website.

The process of building a website is broadly divided into three major categories;

  • Selecting a name for the website
  • Designing the website
  • Hosting of website

The first thing you will require in order to create a website is a domain name. It is basically a name which identifies a particular website. Like every person or business has a unique name, a website also needs to have an exclusive name so that it can be easily recognized. You can go ahead and register your domain through a domain registrar. Domains can usually be registered for one year, post which they need to be renewed. You are always advised to search for a reputed registrar, who can provide you with good customer service.

Once you have registered your domain the next step is designing. Website designing is usually a task of designing professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of web designing. It is basically a process of creating a web page with several languages, such as HTML (hypertext markup language, DHTML (dynamic hypertext markup language) and ASP (active server pages) among others. Nowadays, there are several companies who also offer website builder tools through which anyone can develop a website.

Once the design of the website is ready it is time for you to look for a web hosting company. This service is one of the most crucial services that you will need when developing a website; in fact the success of your website will largely depend on how well it is hosted. Web hosts basically provide space on their servers so that the user can place the pages of his website on it. There are several things that you must consider when looking for an ideal hosting service, these are uptime assurance, support, disk space, bandwidth and price.

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